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Opening Door

  • Please make sure you have registered your key tag and you are authorized to access the door. Please refer to manage access settings: digital keys and key tags and open doors with key tag for detailed instruction.

    If you have access permission, please try your key tag to other door. If it works, please contact your facility manager. If it doesn't work, please try other key tags. If other key tags can open the door, the one that can not open the door might be broken. Please contact your facility manager.

  • Please make sure that your smartphone has been registered as a smartphone key and Bluetooth function is enabled. For detailed instruction, please refer to Manage smartphone keys and key tags.

    Please note that your smartphone needs to support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Please check with your smartphone manufacturer for your smartphone's specification.

    Please make sure your smartphone is located nearby the access reader and you are authorized to access the door. To avoid possible interference, please take your smartphone out of pocket or bag and place it away from other devices, and try again. Please refer to Open doors with smartphone key for detailed instruction.

    If the issue persists, restart your smartphone.

    If the issue persists after retries, please contact your administrator.

Opening door


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