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Manage User's access

Main users and sub-users with administrator rights can add and remove KONE Residential Flow users accessing their facilities.

Add Users

  1. Open KONE Flow.
  2. Tap Users.
  3. Tap Add a user... in the facility you want to add the new user to.
  4. Fill in the name of the user and define access rights for the doors of the site.
    Note: Users with administrator rights always get access to all doors.
  5. Define which features the user has available using the relevant toggles:
    KONE Flow - access to the site using KONE Flow application.
    Key tag - activate a key tag for the user.
    Key code - create a temporary key code for the user to access intercoms and access units with keypads.
    The maximum duration for a key code is 14 days.
  6. Define the user's KONE Flow rights with the relevant tickboxes:
    Email address
    User's name on the intercom nameplate (if intercom available)
    Administrator rights to the facility.
  7. Tap SEND to send an invitation email to the new user.
    Invitation expired displays under the user if the invitation email has expired.
  8. If the invitation email has expired, resend the invitation email:

    a) Tap the user.

    b) Tap SEND to resend the email.

Remove users

  1. Open KONE Flow.
  2. Tap Users.
  3. Tap the user you want to remove.
  4. Tap Remove User.

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