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Use KONE Residential Flow without smartphone

If you do not use the KONE Flow smartphone application, you can still use KONE Residential Flow. You can use a key tag to open the building doors, and you can answer intercom calls with your phone. You can even open the main door for your visitors remotely.

Activate your key tag and add your name and phone number to intercom

  1. Contact your administrator.
  2. Ask the administrator to activate a key tag for you.
    You have received key tags with the starter kit.
  3. Ask the administrator to add your name and phone number to the intercom.
    This enables audio calls from the intercom to your phone.
  4. Test the activated key tag.
    Try to open the main door of the building.

Open doors with key tag


For more information on opening doors with a key tag, refer to Open doors with key tag.

Receive audio calls from intercom and open main door for visitors


For more information on receiving audio calls from the intercom, refer to Receive audio call from intercom.

For more information on opening the main door for your visitors, refer to Open door for visitors during intercom call.


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