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Take and manage intercom photos

The intercom has a camera for taking photos of your visitors. You can take and manage the photos with KONE Flow. You can take photos during a video call, and enable or disable automatic photos of missed visitors.

Note: Automatic photos of missed visitors are not available for Apple users (not supported by iOS).

Take photo during video call

  1. Tap the camera icon to take a photo.
    The camera icon is available in the call alert window before answering and during the call.
  2. If requested, allow KONE Flow the permission to access your photo gallery.

Enable or disable automatic photos of missed visitors

You can set the intercom to automatically take a photo of all missed visitors. By default, this function is enabled.

  1. Open KONE Flow.
  2. Tap the Account icon on the top left corner in KONE Flow.
  3. Under LOCATIONS, tap the site you want to modify.
  4. Enable or disable the toggle switch for Save missed visitor photo under INTERCOM SETTINGS.

Manage intercom photos

Photos are available via KONE Flow.

  1. Open KONE Flow.
  2. Tap Intercom.
  3. Pull up the INTERCOM LOG section.
    The intercom logs all calls from visitors and stores the photos per call.
  4. Tap a photo to enlarge it.
  5. Tap the trashcanicon to delete the photo.
  6. Tap the shareicon to share the photo.

Take and manage pictures of caller during an intercom call


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