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KONE Residential Flow has the following user types:

  • Main users
    By default, main users are the owners of the facilities of the site. Typically the main user lives in the facility. The main user also can be a landlord renting the facility, and live elsewhere. Main users have the permission to manage the access and intercom features for the sub-users of their facilities. Main users manage the access of their own sub-users and visitors using the KONE Flow mobile application. Main users can add sub-users to their facilities.
  • Sub-users
    Sub-users live in or use the facilities of the site, but do not own them. For example, sub-users are the family members of a main user, or tenants who rent facilities. Sub-users have continuous access to their facilities. Sub-users can add more sub-users to their facilities if given administrator rights.
  • Visitors
    Visitors are persons needing temporary access to facilities. For example, visitors can be occasional maintenance technicians, cleaning service providers, or frequently visiting friends or relatives of the main user. Visitors use temporary key codes to access the facilities.
  • Managed users
    Managed users are persons requiring temporary access to the site. For example, managed users can be occasional maintenance technicians or cleaning service providers.



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