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Manage smartphone keys, key tags and key codes

Before you can use a smartphone key or key tag, make sure that you have registered it into the system.

For more information, refer to Register new smartphone or replace old smartphone.

Note: Always keep your mechanical key with you as a backup. KONE Flow does not replace your mechanical key.

Add or remove smartphone keys

  1. Open KONE Flow.
  2. Tap Users.
  3. Tap your own account indicated with (Me).
  4. Enable or disable the toggle switch for Smartphone key.

Add or remove key tags

  1. Open KONE Flow.
  2. Tap Users.
  3. Tap the user for who you want to add or remove key tags.
  4. Tap Activate key tag... to add a key tag.
  5. Fill in a name for the key tag and its serial number.
    You can also scan the QR code printed on the key tag.
  6. Tap Activate.
  7. Tap Remove to remove a key tag from use.
    You can assign removed key tags, for example, to any other users you have created.

Add or remove key codes

  1. Open KONE Flow.
  2. Tap Users.
  3. Tap the user for who you want to add or remove a key code.
  4. Enable the toggle switch for Key Code.
  5. Set the start and end date for the key code validity.
    Note: The maximum validity for key codes is 14 days.
  6. Tap Save.
    Note: The key code is generated after you tap Save.
  7. To see the key code, tap the user again.
    The key code displays.
  8. Share the key code by tapping Share.
  9. Disable the toggle switch for Key Code to remove the key code.
    Note: The Key code automatically expires on the set end date. To continue using key codes, you need to generate a new one.

Manage access settings: digital keys and key tags


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