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Open doors with smartphone key

Open doors by touching access reader

You can open doors by pressing the access reader with your hand.

  1. Make sure that your smartphone has a valid smartphone key.
  2. Make sure that your smartphone has Bluetooth on.
    Note: Switching Bluetooth off disables your smartphone key. After switching Bluetooth back on, some smartphones require opening the KONE Flow app for a few seconds to re-enable the smartphone key.
  3. Make sure that your smartphone is with you, for example, in your pocket.
  4. Press the access reader firmly with your hand until you hear a sound.

You can enable or disable the automatic elevator call when opening a door with a smartphone key. For more information, refer to Enable automatic elevator calls for yourself or visitors.

Open doors with KONE Flow application

  1. Make sure that your smartphone has Bluetooth on.
  2. Make sure that you are within Bluetooth range of the access reader of the door.
  3. Open KONE Flow.
  4. On the KONE Flow page, tap the name of the respective door to open it.

Note: The tap to open doors -feature requires that your administrator has specifically added certain doors to open with the feature. If there are no doors listed on the KONE Flow page, discuss with your administrator if doors can be added.

Door does not open

If your access is denied, make sure that your smartphone key is correctly activated, and that you have access permission to the door.

Note: Always keep your mechanical key with you as a backup. KONE Flow does not replace your mechanical key.

  1. Open KONE Flow.
  2. Tap Users or Keys.
  3. Tap your own account indicated with (Me).
  4. In the ACCESS section, make sure that you have access permission to the door.
  5. In the FEATURES section, make sure that Smartphone key is turned on.
    For more information on registering your smartphone as a smartphone key, refer to Manage smartphone keys, key tags and key codes.

Open doors with digital keys


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