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Onboard as main user not living in or using the facility

This topic is intended for users not living in nor using the apartment or facility they own. For example, you can be a landlord living elsewhere, but at the same time, you are still the KONE Residential Flow main user for the residents living in your apartment.

Onboarding completes setting up KONE Residential Flow.

  1. Open the invitation email.
    An invitation email was sent to you by your KONE Residential Flow administrator. When checking for the email, search for "KONE Flow" and check your spam folder. If you cannot find the invitation email, contact your administrator.
    Note: If you are an existing KONE Flow user, the facility will be added to your account automatically and you can skip setting up your account and continue to set up accesses.
  2. Open the activation link in the invitation email and set a password for your account on the web page.
  3. Read the privacy document, terms, and conditions, and tick the checkbox to accept.
  4. Open KONE Flow.
  5. Log in using your email address and password.
  6. Optionally register your key tag by typing the key tag name and serial number.
    You can also scan the QR code printed on the key tag.
    At the end of the setup wizard, the features that have been set up display.
  7. Tap LET’S GO.
    You are ready to use KONE Residential Flow.
  8. If you only want to add sub-users and not use the application for access and intercom video calls yourself, you can remove accesses and intercom calls in Users and intercom -> NAMEPLATE.
  9. Tap Users.
    The Users page enables you to manage the accounts of your tenants.
  10. Provide the administrator rights to your tenant, including all permissions for managing doors and the intercom.
    For more information, refer to Manage User's access.

Note: As the main user, you are responsible for managing people and their access in your facilities.

Note: The administrator has the rights to manage your permissions. If the administrator deletes your profile, all users and visitors created by you are also deleted.

Onboard as main user not living in or using the facility


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