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  • When experiencing an error or service failure, please follow tutorials in KONE support site to resolve the issues. If issues persist, please contact your facility manager for help.

  • Please make sure that you are the access manager of your facility. You can contact your facility manager to check whether you are access manager. As an access manager, you can manage your tenants' access rights through KONE Flow mobile app. Please refer to Setup wizard for access managers who do not live in or use the facility and Manage my people access for more information.

  • As long as you are not signed out of the app and your smartphone or tablet has internet connection, you will receive the incoming calls. However, you will not receive incoming calls if you have enable Do Not Disturb option on your device OR if you have disable the intercom calls from the KONE Flow app. Please refer to Manage intercom settings for more information on enable or disable intercom call. Please refer to your device manufacturer for more information on how to enable or disable Do Not Disturb option on your device.

  • As the access manager of a facility, you are responsible for managing access of residents and visitors of the facility. For more information, please refer to View my people, Manage my people access and Manage visitor access.

  • Access manager is normally the owner of facility. He or she is appointed by facility manager and has the permission to create people and visitors.

    On the other hand, people (shown as my people in KONE Flow app) are persons who reside or need to access the building for longer period. They could be residents, family members, tenants, or even roommates. People can have access to all features: intercom, access, messages, and elevators. Visitors can access the building for a limited period. The access is valid only once.

    Visitors would need to install KONE Flow app to use digital keys. Visitors do not have intercom access permission.

  • Activation code is used for activating your account for KONE Flow solution. It is sent by your facility manager or access manager via email or letter. The email containing activation code might be in the spam folder of your mailbox.

  • Yes. You can use any mobile device no matter it's iOS or Android. Please note that one mobile device will consume one digital key and/or intercom video call license.



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