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Call elevator with KONE Flow

You can call the elevator to travel a predefined route or manually set floors with the KONE Flow mobile application.

  1. Open KONE Flow.
  2. On the KONE Flow Home screen, select the route you want the elevator to travel using the scroll wheels and tap Call Elevator.
    You can also use a predefined route.
    Note: If there are several elevators, first select the elevator you want to call. You can select which elevators are shown on the home screen by selecting your favorite elevators.
    KONE Flow displays which elevator picks you up with the status of the call.
  3. If you want to edit a predefined route, press and hold the route.
    Select the source and destination floors with the scroll wheels and tap Confirm.

Enable or disable elevator call function for specific elevators

You can choose which elevators are shown on the KONE Flow Home screen if the site has multiple elevators available to you.

  1. Tap Account icon on the top left corner in KONE Flow.
  2. Under Locations, choose the site you want to modify.
  3. Under Elevator settings, tap Favorite elevators.
  4. Tick the checkbox for the elevators you want to show on the KONE Flow home screen and untick the checkbox for the elevators you want to hide.


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